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O2 Sensors Direct

An O2 Sensor is attached to a vehicle's exhaust stream. The purpose of the O2 sensor is to measure the air to fuel ratio. In other words, the O2 sensor helps determine if the car's engine is running rich or lean. O2 sensors are also imperative to vehicle emission control. Governments require o2 sensors to be in working condition before a sale can be made.    

O2 Sensors Direct is your robust source of o2 sensor.  We sell new, top grade O2 sensor at the best prices for all vehicle applications. Our entire inventory of  O2 sensor contains both original equipment and high quality aftermarket O2 sensor. Every O2 sensor we sell is OE quality. A full warranty covers every o2 sensor. With our wide selection of OEM and aftermarket replacement o2 sensor, we will get your vehicle back in top driving shape. Import parts or domestic cars, we have you covered.

 Any order over $50 comes with Free Shipping.  We have live US based customer service reps ready to assist you, contact us today. All of our parts are guaranteed to be the correct unit for your vehicle and to work perfectly.

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